RuckJack Trade Shows in Salt Lake City, Utah and Orlando Florida

For the first time since RuckJack has been born we are going to a trade show, and after doing much research about different trade shows around the U.S. we decided to attend these two this year. Starting with Outdoor Retailer (Summer Market) July 26th-29th in Salt Lake City, Utah Booth #PV2341 and Surf Expo Sep 7th-9th in Orlando, Florida. A good source to find out about trade show and conferences is

Below I’m going to share my thoughts on why you should attend these two trade shows if you are selling an outdoor product and what I learned from my research and experience.

Both trade shows, the outdoor retailer, and Surf Expo are owned by Emerald Expositions. I thought that was interesting!

Outdoor Retailer Orlando Florida

Outdoor retailer sponsors two shows per year. Summer Market and Winter Market, as the names are self-explanatory themselves, one is in the summer and the other one in the winter.

It is important to note that more people attend the summer show than winter show unless your product is only winter use than I suggest attending the summer show as there is a wider range of audience and buyers.

It is also equally as important to note that outdoor retailer is not a transactional type of show, this is designed to bring awareness to your brand and product. Even though you might get picked up by a retailer, not that many transactions take place. The main focus of the show is to bring manufacturers, brands, and buyers together.

As a brand-new product and concept on the market, it is imperative to attend these show to more awareness of our brand and familiarize designers, bloggers, and influencers with our product and its functionality.

This show is also open to everyone to attend as long as you sign up in time if you are attending this show I highly recommend attending the demo day. It’s the day that everyone meets on the lake to demo and try different water products.

We are excited for our first experience at OR and to be joining this fine community as they live, love and cherish the outdoors and celebrate their 35th year anniversary in business.

Surf Expo Orlando Florida

Since we are originally from Orlando Florida, this show is like going home for us so we decided to attend this show as our second choice. This show is also a great way bring awareness to your brand and secure a few purchase orders. Unlike Outdoor retailer, this is show is more orientate around transaction. There are over 7,000 buyers are attending the show this year, with about 2,500 representing retailer sporting goods. The show is three days longs, admission is free and one of the great things about Surf Expo is that they have a very active social media and attract the best and most qualified buyers.

If you happened to be at any of these shows. Please stop by, we love to meet you.

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