10 Top hiking essentials you must have

We are going to go over ten hiking essentials that you need to bring with you when going hiking and the tools you need to keep you out of harm’s way. This list was generated from the book Mountaineering: Freedom of the hill, seventh edition.

Top 10 Hiking Essential items

1- Navigation

You want to have a map of the area that you are going to hike, most people get lost, and that is one of the main reasons Why search and rescue get called. Get yourself a compass, make sure you know how to use it and you have a way out, pick a point or a landmark ahead of time and definitely bring extra batteries lithium only.

2- Sun protection

If you are hiking in snow or somewhere with no eye protection from the sun, you will notice that the sun reflects off the snow or sand, and it gets very bright. This can be extremely harmful to your eyes and get you blinded very easily. Use a good pair dark glasses SPF 35 or greater.

3- Insulation

We know no one intends to spend the night out on the trail but in case somebody gets hurt and needs to be rescued the next day, so make sure you bring a good warm hat, and insulated material plus a rain jacket. Bringing a convertible jacket is extremely useful, it can be used as a container if it’s not needed and when it’s needed, it can easily convert into a rain jacket in case of an emergency. Spending the night in cold and rain could be very harmful to your health. what I recommend especially is RuckJack, and in the wintertime is a smart insulated material such as SOL heat sheets. Both of these products are easy to store and have multiple uses.

Packing is smart is essential to your survival

4- Illumination

You can start the day off early but for unexpected reasons might have hike back in the dark or even worst, spend the night. So make sure to bring yourself an excellent headlamp and some extra batteries, Lithium of course. I usually keep all of my extra Lithium batteries for my headlamp and GPS in a small handy bag.

5- First-aid kit

You can cut yourself so make sure that you got a first aid kit. You can have a small first aid kit just for a day hike with some tapes and Band-Aids, or if you’re going on a big hike or a big expedition people always tend to sprain an ankle or some other injuries so make sure to bring on of those long stretchy wraps to wrap things up.

6- Fire-starter

You need to be able to start a fire in case of emergency to stay warm and have a fire for food so bringing a Firestarter is highly recommended, waterproof matches and lighter is recommended.

7- Repair kit

A little tool kit with pliers. I always bring a little small roll of duct tape to fix things. You might have to repair your backpack, or something else might break. Also, some tape is a good thing to have.

8- Nutrition

Always bring food and bring more food than you think. You’re going to need in case you do have to spend the night, and I recommend bringing things that are light and very dense. Glif bars are an excellent source, as well as power bars. They are small, pretty light and they definitely have a lot of nutrition for their size.

9- Hydration

You HAVE got to have water. You can go longer without food but can NOT go very long without water. In addition to bringing the water needed, maybe a collapsible water bag. Also, bring yourself some water purification pills or waterproof case device like a filter If you ever needed you will be there and it will save your life.

10- Emergency shelter

One of the best things to use in a bevy. They come in a single size or two-person, neither one takes a lot of room, and you can just leave it in your bag. You most likely will never need to use it but when you do it will save your life.

So that’s it, the ten essentials required for hiking. Now Let’s go over a few of them you might really want for considerations.

One thing you ought to think about is what are things I really need to carry on some big trips. One is my spot messenger; I can hit a button and connect to a satellite to let rescuers and loved ones know of my location and condition in a case of an emergency and if help is needed. Maybe bringing a plastic bag, this is great for shelter as well as keeping everything dry. In a torrential downpour getting wet and cold will put you in trouble fast and if you are going for a long hike keep your weight in proportion to what you can carry is important. Depending on how long of a hike you are going on is equally is important, so scale down if needed. Use your common sense and study the hazardous weather ahead of time so you can pack your gear accordingly. Nobody wants to find themselves outside without any protection and getting rescued by a helicopter because we all know that will be hefty hospital bill.

That’s it. The ten essentials needed to hiking. I hope this prepares you for your trip and gives you a better inside look at what you need for a good hike.

Have a fun and safe hike and never stop exploring. Please check out How RuckJack can enhance your camping experience.

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