Top 5 Haunted Houses Around the US

October is here once again. Lovers of all things spooky and scary know exactly what comes next — Halloween! It’s no longer news that there are several different ways to have a blast this Halloween — you can stuff your face with some of the tastiest spooky-themed candy or decorate your home with super scary props.
Now, these options are great but what could be better than visiting the spirits themselves? It’s more like the scariest way to get into the Halloween spirit! It would be amazing to spend the month touring the country seeing some of the spookiest haunted houses and attractions.
So if you’re among those looking to enjoy some fun, creepy adventure this Halloween, we’ve rounded up some of the best haunted houses around the country so you can start planning your terrifying travels!
Be sure to get your gear ready for some controlled terror! Speaking of gear, it would be great to have a jacket and backpack for your scary adventures — there’s no doubt that RuckJack can get the job done! You can either use it as a lightweight outdoor jacket or backpack! What could be better than that?

Okay, now that you’re set, let’s explore some of the best haunted spots you would want to check out this Halloween and beyond.

1- NetherWorld Haunted House (Norcross, Georgia)

NetherWorld Haunted House (Norcross, Georgia) - RuckJack

This is one of the scariest attractions in the US that attracts people who are looking to experience what it feels like to be in a scary horror movie. The theme you find at Netherworld this year may not be the same as that of the previous year, but their high-tech special effects and lifelike scenery remain the same. Once you step into this place, you’ll literally feel like you’re the character who’s unaware of the horrors until it’s too late — what could be fun and spookier than that?

2- Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - RuckJack

Next up is the haunted house that’s ranked “Number One in the U.S.” by AOL City Guide. It also happens to the largest haunted house in America. Initially known as one of the most popular and expensive prisons in the country, Eastern State Penitentiary is now a living ruin that boasts long empty cell blocks coupled with spooky remnants of the past. Terror Behind the Walls features top-notch Hollywood special effects and lighting, animatronic creatures and realistic props. This 11-acre complex is undoubtedly one of the best places to go backpacking this Halloween!

3-  Thrillvania (Terrell, Texas)

Thrillvania (Terrell, Texas) - RuckJack

Looking to enjoy a true visual spectacle filled with authentic haunts? If yes, get your RuckJack and travel 20 miles east of Dallas to have a feel of Thrillvania! This haunted house which is spread over 50 acres boasts up to eight attractions and scares over 20,000 visitors a year. The biggest highlight of this creepy farm is the Verdun Manor, a two-story haunted house designed by Disney Imagineers. The place also happens to feature more props per square foot than any other haunted house in the US.

4- Nashville Nightmare (Nashville, Tennessee)

Nashville Nightmare (Nashville, Tennessee) - RuckJack

Nashville Nightmare is yet another top haunted spot in the country that promises chilling nightmares. It’s even ranked as one of the best haunted houses in the nation, and it’s for all the right reasons. Once you visit this place, you’ll feel the thrills of an intense environment full of dark passages and creepy monsters. You’ll get to be frightened by all these thanks to its super scary live actors, highly detailed sets, amazing special effects and top-notch animations.

5- The Haunted Hotel (San Diego, California)

The Haunted Hotel (San Diego, California) - RuckJack

Once you step into to the Haunted Hotel, don’t expect it to follow the living’s hotel safety standards. You’re going to plunge deep into the Hellavator and end up finding your way through zombie-infested alleys. That’s not all — you’ll also be spooked by creepy clowns in the Clown Subway! The Haunted Hotel is a complete fright house you wouldn’t want to miss this Halloween!
And that’s it! These are five of the spookiest haunted houses in the US that’s guaranteed to make this year’s Halloween as scary as can be! Just so you know, there are still others like Dent Schoolhouse, Woods of Terror, Bennett’s Curse and more. Now it’s up to you to stock your RuckJack with food and supplies as you journey into the world of fun, controlled terror. Don’t hesitate to transform the backpack into a lightweight outdoor jacket when you start feeling the thrills and chills! Happy Halloween!

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