Global Warming and Trees — Exploring How RuckJack Plans to Save the Planet

Are you concerned about global warming or climate change? If yes, you’re not alone. Global warming is a major concern to many people in the US and these past few months haven’t been great as regards to the issue. There’s a good chance that the numerous natural disasters that struck some states in the US were as a result of rising or warming temperatures.

So what can we do to help?

Well, we can start planting a lot of trees. It’s important to note that trees can play a significant role in the fight against global warming. How? It’s primarily because of their ability to absorb and store the key greenhouse gas emitted by power plants and cars (carbon dioxide) before it reaches the upper atmosphere where it can trap heat around the earth’s surface.
For the most part, all living plant matter absorbs carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis. However, trees process CO2 faster than smaller plants due to their large size and stronger root structures.
In other words, trees have more than enough woody biomass to store carbon dioxide than smaller plants, and that’s precisely why they’re considered nature’s most efficient “carbon sinks.” This is the exact characteristic that makes planting trees a form of global warming mitigation.
The good thing is, all types of trees can help offset global warming. Essentially, trees of any size, shape or genetic origin can absorb CO2 and make the world a whole lot safer. Most scientists indicate that the easiest and least expensive way for people to help fight the CO2 that they generate in their daily lives is to plant any tree. Just be sure that it is appropriate for the particular region and climate.

RuckJack and Its Mission to Help Offset Climate Change

Our product, RuckJack is designed for lovers of the great outdoors — it’s the world’s first convertible rain jacket that can be transformed into a handy backpack with a simple zip, flip, and clip. It’s the ultimate gear for people who lead active lifestyles. Regardless of whether you’re biking, hiking or spending a day on the beach, RuckJack can make things a whole lot easier for you.

ruckjack transformation
For the most part, the idea of Ruckjack was conceived while hiking Yellowstone National Park. While on a trip to Yellowstone, we discovered how burdensome it could be to carry a backpack, jacket, and our supplies at the same time — that’s precisely when the idea popped up.
Now, you can get your RuckJack and explore the world with ease — a lightweight outdoor jacket and backpack in one package. The best part is, RuckJack is exceptionally easy to use, you only have to zip, flip, clip and go. The product comes with four extra pockets coupled with one extra cargo bag to hold whatever was stored in the backpack before it was converted to a jacket. It also has a hood with draw-cord adjuster, making it a complete lightweight outdoor jacket.

So How Do We Plan to Fight Global Warming

We at RuckJack have taken it upon ourselves to join the fight against climate change by planting trees. As we mentioned earlier, trees can help offset global warming, thereby making the world a whole lot safer for us. As a way of helping the larger tree planting efforts, we plant up to ten trees with every purchase of our exceptional product. In essence, you also get to play a role in fighting climate change — what could be better than that?
So, be sure to join us on our mission to make the world greener and safer by getting your very own RuckJack — we can do it together.

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