Top 7 US Cities to Celebrate New Year Eve

Who wouldn’t love to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in 2018? There’s a good chance that most of us have already planned out what we want to achieve in the coming year and that’s great. New year’s eve has always been the perfect time to head out of the house to have a blast with wild celebrations, local traditions, fireworks and more! The best part? There are several different destinations across the United States that you can visit this coming year and the good thing is, each has something unique to offer.
So if you’re looking to have a swell time at the start of 2018, we’ll recommend you get your RuckJack set and look forward to checking out these popular destinations.

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1- New York City

New York City - RuckJack

As you probably guessed, New York City is the most popular place to welcome the new year in the United States, and it’s all thanks to the legendary party that’s thrown every December 31st in Times Square. Head over to this place and join thousands anticipate the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop — it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss come December 31st! It’s also good to know that your Ruckjack is sure to come in handy here as you would want stock up on snacks like granola bars, energy bars and more. You can also have a blast at parties in Brooklyn especially if you’re looking to enjoy a view of the fireworks — it’s all up to you to do whatever tickles your fancy!

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2- Las Vegas

Las Vegas - RuckJack

Every night is great in Las Vegas but New Year’s Eve is one you wouldn’t want to miss — it’s sure to be beyond awesome. The list of high rolling activities on new year’s eve in Las Vegas is second to none — you’ll get to enjoy loads of blockbuster shows and parties at your own pace. For the most part, the entire strip is closed down making it to look like one huge neon-lit block party. Moreover, midnight will be transformed into a show of color and noise thanks to the mind-blowing casino fireworks display. That’s not all — you can also have a great time at special shows and big nightclub parties that go on and on till dawn!

3- Chicago

Chicago - RuckJack

Here’s the thing; Chicago got a lot of chill at new year, but it still throws hot parties that you’re sure to love. For the most part, you’ll get to enjoy great music from superstar DJs at Chicago House music venues, and that’s huge. It’s also an excellent idea to check out dinner cruises on Lake Michigan especially if you want to get a better view of fireworks which launch above the attractions at Navy Pier.

4- San Francisco

San Francisco - RuckJack

New year’s eve in San Francisco also promises nonstop entertainment around just about every corner of the city. The biggest highlight is the amazing fireworks display that beautifies the night sky between the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge — it’s a spectacular sight that’s worth seeing!

5- Los Angeles

Los Angeles - RuckJack

The City of Angels is home to concerts and just about every cuisine in the world, making it one of the best destinations to celebrate new year’s eve. The thing is, Los Angeles doesn’t have a specific focus for New Year’s Eve, and it’s only because the party is all around you — it’s up to you to do what you love! You can choose to snag a couple of tickets to one of the coolest parties especially if you want to spend the night dancing and rubbing shoulders with chic urbanities. It’s also great to hang around one of the quiet spots beside the sea as you await the arrival of the beautiful new year.


Miami - RuckJack

Looking to enjoy world-class nightlife this new year’s eve? If yes, head to Miami — you’re sure to have a mind-blowing experience. For the most part, Miami boasts a plethora of South Beach and Miami Beach venues where you can have a truly memorable new year eve. The thing is, Miami is where you’ll want to be if you wish to party all night long as you can grab tickets for several different nightclubs and have a blast at your own pace! What could be better?

7- Orlando

Orlando - RuckJack

Last but definitely not the least is Orlando — a city blessed by year-round sunshine and world-class entertainment. You and the family can head to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to enjoy one of the biggest and most exciting new year celebrations in the world. You’ll get to see light shows, parades and even star performers in an extravagant celebration pageant. That’s not all — the theme park will also be packed with revelers the moment the clock strikes midnight, and we’re pretty sure you know what that means! Dancing all night long!
And that’s it! These are 7 top cities that offer spectacular new year celebrations you wouldn’t want to miss. Now it’s up to you to pick the one that tickles your fancy and anticipate! Happy new year in advance!

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