Top places to hike in California in 2018

California has one of the most distinct landscape in the US. From mountains to beaches to deserts or prairies to wine country, you’ll find whatever type off hiking you are hoping to get you’ll find it here. The list below highlights the best California has to offer in no particular order
Lost palms oasis in Joshua tree national park: Joshua tree is famous for its unique rock formations which makes it a favorite spot for hikers and rock climbers alike. The lost palm oasis is a remote hike with a beautiful view, though it may be difficult to complete in the hot summer. When you arrive at the oasis, you will be welcome by the amazing view of the salton sea and the desert
American river confluence to lake clementine
A wild river canyon and contrasting dynamics take center stage on this hike. You’ll come across soothing pools, raging rapids, a loud waterfall near the dam and a tranquil lake.

Lakes basin loop

Lakes basin loop - RuckJack

A short walk brings backpackers to this scenic granite sub basin for a night in the midst of beautiful peaks. Pro day hikers easily take this trip in a day, even without using the ferry.

Torrey pines state reserve

Torrey pines state reserve - RuckJack

Located in san Diego, this park features scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs of the coast. Beach erosions and local weather conditions has been known to close some trails so it is important to check with the park before setting out on the hike.

Fern canyon, redwoods state park

Fern canyon, redwoods state park - RuckJack

Northern California is known for its lush green forests and massive redwood trees, and this is best experienced in prairie creek redwoods state park. With an extensive trail network in the park, the fern canyon trail is so far the most popular and can be a bit busy as a result. However, the park is untouched most of the time and there is a lot of things to feed your eyes on from magnificent redwoods to wildlife to dense greenery.
Before heading out to the trails, ensure that there is plenty of snacks and water that will keep you fueled along the way. You can prepare delicious treats and endeavor to go with a rain jacket as the weather here could change in just a minute.

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The lake Tahoe rim trail – California side

The lake Tahoe rim trail – California side - RuckJack

Living in the greater tahoe region has given a better insight into what it means to be closer to nature. Starting from the north is kings beach and the zephyr cove in the south. There are more than 20 trailheads and countless views of the staggering beauty so everyone can pick a trail, pack a windbreaker and enjoy the northern sierras.

Moro rock in sequoia national park

Moro rock in sequoia national park - RuckJack

This park has a pre historic glam to it, known for the giant sequoia trees, Moro rock sequoia national park is a great place to view them. The trail is made of an accessible stone stairway of 350 steps, climbing to the top of moro rock opens up the magnificent view of the san Joaquin valley to the west and the sierra Nevada mountains to the east.

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