Lakes in Utah

Just want to get your feet wet, swim lazily or float in a tube? Some lakes offer a much cozier relaxation atmosphere than others. Utah is home to the canyon lands national park, the Bryce canyon national park, the caribou-targhee national forest and the grand stair case Escalante national monument.  Utah is spectacularly beautiful and home to so much geographic diversity one can easily spend weeks touring the state.

Utah lake; Utah county

Utah lake; Utah county - Ruck Jack

This is s shallow fresh water lake that lies in the Utah valley and is surrounded by mesmerizing scenery. Utah lake itself has a total surface area of 38,000 hectares and sits on an elevation of 1,368 meters. The lake is used for so many purposes like skiing, fishing, boating, water conservation, recreational activities, bird watching.

Great Salt Lake; Salt Lake, weber, box elder and Tooele counties

Great Salt Lake; Salt Lake, weber, box elder and Tooele counties - RuckJack

The great Salt Lake is the largest Salt Lake water lake in the western hemisphere, sitting at an amazing 440,000 hectares. Popularly called the “Americas dead sea” the great Salt Lake is haven to millions of species of native birds such as the waterfowl and the shorebird. As result there are a number of sanctuaries and bird refuges.

Tibble fork reserve

Tibble fork reserve - RuckJack

Hidden in the middle of the American fork canyon, the tibble fork reserve is cold but magnificent. It is serene and beautiful. Perfect for canoeing, wadding, paddle boarding, fishing and swimming.

Deer creek reservoir

Deer creek reservoir - RuckJack

This larger Utah lake is full of fun with multiple great locations just to play on the beach and on the beach and in the water. The great part of this lake is how neat the water is although the beaches are deemed a bit too rocky.

Red pine lake, little cottonwood canyon

Red pine lake, little cottonwood canyon - RuckJack

This pretty lake is located in little cotton wood canyon. To visit take the three-mile trail hike from the white pine trailhead. The hike can be deemed a bit too strenuous as you will gain an elevation of about 2,000 feet but the views from the top and along the way are well worth the effort.

White pine lake, Logan canyon

White pine lake, Logan canyon - RuckJack

White pine lake in Logan canyon provides hikers with a once in lifetime experience. This lake is crystal clear and surrounded by pines and aspens, it is quite cold and usually quite. The hike is seven miles’ round trip from the trail head to 20 miles up the canyon and to the tony grove turnoff.

Bear lake; rich county

Bear lake; rich county - RuckJack

Bear lake is a fresh water lake that is located at the Utah-Idaho border. It is over 250,000 years old and boasts of a peculiarly unique turquoise blue color. The 28,000-hectare lake sits at an elevation of 1,800 meters and is often called the “the Caribbean of the Rockies” because of its magnificent color. In addition to being stunning, bear lake is home to a number of activities which includes camping, boating, swimming.

Strawberry reservoir; Wasatch county

Strawberry reservoir; Wasatch county - RuckJack

The strawberry reservoir receives about 1.5 angling hours each year, making it Utah’s most popular fishery. It is home to an abundant variety of wildlife like the bear lake cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, crayfish, kokanee salmon.

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